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Room Additions

Promax Construction specializes in room additions from start to finish.   Call us today for a free estimate on a room addition for your home or business.  We have years of experience in coordinating these projects.  We handle all aspects of the job including carpentry, siding, roofing, windows, masonry, concrete, plumbing and electrical.  Photos on this page are actual room additions completed by Promax. 


Partner with Promax for your next project.
Promax understands what it takes to grow a business in a tough economy. We are here to help. We offer free estimates in a time-efficient manner. We know time is precious. Gathering bids for a construction project can take weeks. Let Promax be your construction advocate and negotiate on your behalf. We have the experience to get the job done right and control costs. Plumbing, electrician, carpenter, and other specialist bills start to add up. Many of them charge by the hour and maybe even run the clock. We see this practice all the time. We work on a budget and do not charge by the hour. We will offer a bid with a upfront cost so you know what to expect so there are no unfortunate surprises. Promax has been contracted by major corporate clients including Menards, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, and Fannie Mae. We are happy to work with our corporate clients to achieve their goals and provide exceptional service.


Specialty Construction

image aligned left Let Promax put your creativity to life.
For whatever you have in mind, Promax is ready to make it happen. Promax has successfully completed a number of unique projects by customer request. We love when customers request something unique and exciting. We want to make your house or business stand out and move beyond the cookie cutter styles of the times.

image aligned right Add value to your home.
Customers hire Promax Construction to build sheds, patios, sunrooms, and room expansions. Promax Construction offers free estimates so it never hurts to call. 

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image aligned left Gutters - An Important and Necessary Investment
Prolong the life and quality of your house with Promax quality seamless gutters. Well-installed gutters protect the foundation of a home and keep basements dry by rerouting rain water. Promax installs gutters throughout the central Illinois area on a daily basis. Promax purchases premium gutter material wholesale and passes the savings onto the customers. When customers hire Promax, they want the job done right and do not want to spend time maintaining and cleaning low-quality gutters. We understand this and are on-call for your convenience.


image aligned left A growing number of Central Illinois residents are choosing Promax Construction for concrete solutions. We go the extra mile to add style, precision, and design to all of our work without running up the bill. Since we depend on referrals for most of our business, we know it is in our interest to keep customers happy and get the job done right.

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Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Bedrooms, and Interior Painting
Whether your looking to upgrade your kitchen or restore a rental house, Promax Construction has specialists ready to tackle any project. Most interior projects require coordinating expensive carpenters, plumber, and electricians. Promax Construction is a general contractor with licensed professionals on staff. Experienced General Contractors like Promax know how to hire the right people for the job and keep costs down. Let us be your one-stop shop to customize the house of your dreams.


image aligned left Professional Masons at your service
These photos display actual masonry work by Promax Construction.

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image aligned left Protect Your Investment!
Protect your house from weather and cut the cost of repainting. Promax guarantees all siding installations. Unlike independent carpenters, you can count on Promax Construction not going anywhere. We are fully licensed and insured so rest easy knowing job will be done right and the warranty will be honored. Looking for a more aesthetic siding solution, give us a call. We have a number of siding options to beautify your home.



image aligned left Energy Efficient Window Solutions Energy efficient windows save you money. Change out your old windows and invest in modern windows to lower heating and air costs. Old windows are also not very secure. Promax installs screen and patio doors. Enjoy a summer breeze in your home without letting insects inside.

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Roofing Lic. #104.016085

Roofing is the flagship enterprise of Promax Construction.  Promax Construction is a licensed roofing company in the state of Illinois.  Requirements for a roofing license include proof of insurance and the passing of rigorous standards and testing.  Before hiring a roofing company, always make sure they are licensed and insured.  A roofer without the proper insurance can be a serious liability for you and your family.  Homeowners are liable if an unlicensed, uninsured roofer is hurt on the job.  If the job is botched, the roofer does not have liability insurance to cover the loss.  Promax offers the guarantee of a big company and the service of a boutique.


image aligned left Successfully Installed Roofs by Promax Construction

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